Club Information

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Okanagan Precision Driving Association, as stated in our constitution, is “to enhance the appreciation and enjoyment of sports cars, and to offer events and activities, as are permitted by law, for the said purpose.”


OPDA Annual Membership ApplicationApply for your OPDA membership to compete in Okanagan Autocross events
OPDA CACC Annual General WaiverSubmit this online waiver once annually and you’ll never have to sign one at an Okanagan Autocross event for the year
OPDA Autocross Vehicle Technical Inspection FormSubmit a vehicle technical self-inspection form for your competition vehicle once each year
Autoslalom Regulations from the Confederation of Autosport Car Clubs (CACC)The governing regulations for autocross in British Columbia
SCCA Solo RegulationsWhen the CACC Autoslalom regulations aren’t authoritative on a topic, refer to this document
Constitution of the Okanagan Precision Driving AssociationThe foundational document for the Okanagan Precision Driving Association
By-laws of the Okanagan Precision Driving AssociationSome rules to keep us honest

OPDA Board of Directors

PresidentWade Schmidt
Vice-PresidentBruce Stevenson
TreasurerDevon Nakatsu
SecretaryAmanda Schuffels
DirectorBen Wegner
DirectorWil Dwyer
DirectorMatt Schmidt
DirectorMike Sinclair
DirectorDan Poulin