Velocity training Aug 29


Velocity training Aug 29

Postby Ben » Thu Sep 03, 2015 12:01 am

What an incredible day.

A moving, interactive course. A wind so strong that ALL of the pylons were blown against the chain link fence by the runway. Stacking two cones together seemed to solve that problem.

Torrential rains with "puddles" that covered the entire base of some cones. A bit of blue skies and semi-dry track. The day had it all.

Joe Cheng, former national autocross champion, co-founder of VCMC and well quoted for 30 years for, "...precision, smoothness and control" gave an excellent technical presentation during the classroom session Wednesday night and was on hand all day Saturday. What a dynamic personality! In class, he impressed on us we were all lousy drivers. But they could and did change that on the track.

A ratio of one instructor for every two students guaranteed you were getting some quality corrections. My instructor, Arnold, was superb. Each lap, he gave me one or two pointers that shaved time off the next lap. By the end of the day, I lapped six seconds quicker, feeling much more confident about where I could lose a little time to set up for the important elements.

I pray I can retain even a fraction of this for next year. If the mountain passes are 10 degrees or warmer for my tires, I will definitely return for the spring session as a refresher. If you are a novice, like me, you may find great benefit in Velocity training.

My sister in her '15 Nismo came out and had her first, but not last taste of autocross. I am hoping she will compete at YPK.

I finished second raw and first pax, but there were many rookies, of course.

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Re: Velocity training Aug 29

Postby Brain » Thu Sep 03, 2015 6:45 pm

Good job Ben!

I heard that Kelowna dominated once again :mrgreen:

Don't worry about remembering for next year - what's wrong with this Sunday? A few of us plan to head down - weather looks decent