Porche club Autocross spanking.

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Porche club Autocross spanking.

Postby See23 » Mon Jul 11, 2016 5:45 pm

Steve Wolters and I went to the Porche clubs Autocross in Pitt Meadows on Saturday.
No pax, no classes, no "bs" as they put it, just raw times.
There were 18 Porches of all kinds and $$$ (Not a fancy VW guy so they were all the same to me)
and new Ferrari something (help Steve?).
On paper Steve was 5th in his 78 911 but a 944 was slipped in the standings by an obvious error so he was actually 4th to myself and two guys in a 996 TT on 888s (sticky). Steve on his Maxis tires with 200 TW.
End of the day and 18 Porches, 1 Ferrari and a bunch of others got beaten by a little red Mazda. :shock:
It was a fun, no pressure event with a great bunch of guys!
You can't beat 15 runs in a day. :D :D
Kicked out of the club for speaking out. Fair?

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Re: Porche club Autocross spanking.

Postby SteveW » Tue Jul 12, 2016 8:18 am

What Richie says ^^^. Great day at Pitt Meadows on a fast open course, plenty of runs and a real good flow... just enough time to check tire pressures and bs with your buddies a few minutes between runs. The Ferrari in attendance was a new 488 GTB - 660 hp, 560 torques :shock: that's 4x the power rating of the red 'flyin' miata!
Too many cones on the lot, most were not a part of the course and it's a long day to make the trip out there and back on the same day. Overall worth a try if you are looking for seat time. I think they are running one more autoX in 2016, at the end of the July. Capped at 50 cars so always guaranteed to get a good number of runs.
Congrats to Richard for chalking up yet another win in 2016!