VCMC Track Days 2019

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VCMC Track Days 2019

Postby Brain » Wed Jan 30, 2019 9:17 am

I'm sure some of you are interested in this - particularly the Area 27 dates. Cut and paste from the VCMC forum.....

Monday April 29 - Mission Raceway
Saturday May 25 - Area 27
Monday July 1 (Canada Day) - Mission Raceway
Saturday August 24 - Area 27

The registration and pricing for our dates will be announced early next year prior to them opening for signup.

Approval for Area 27 will be based on prior track experience like last year and signup preference will be given to VCMC members. If you do not have prior track experience we will require potential entrants to sign up for and be signed off to drive solo at one of our Mission events.

Refund policy is changing as well for next year. Full payment will be charged at time of signup and there will be no refunds given for cancellations. Credits may be extended for exceptional circumstances.

A special note to convertible drivers, we will be allowing cars with no roll bars to run as long as they are using an OEM hard top for the vehicle.