Forum Rules and Guidelines

All new members: PLEASE READ THIS
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Forum Rules and Guidelines

Postby mcsinc » Mon Nov 24, 2014 2:07 pm

These are the official rules (adopted from covering all things you do, say or post on this website including forum posts, private messages, calendar events, avatar images, signatures and profile data. This is the definitive list. If in doubt, check here.


1., its Administrators, Moderators and authorized agents, may remove, edit or move any content and/or delete, suspend or permanently bar any account at any time for any reason (or none at all) without notice or explanation.

2. You may not post any content or post links to any content which:
a) is hateful or incites hate against any person or group;
b) threatens harm toward any person, property or group;
c) depicts acts of violence, sexual exploitation or animal cruelty;
d) is a flagrant personal attack;
e) depicts or suggests sexual acts;
f) is knowingly misleading or misrepresentative (an intentional lie);
g) is commercial in nature and in which you stand to profit either directly or indirectly. If you wish to post commercial content you must be a sponsor.
h) depicts full or partial nudity or is sexually suggestive and not safe for work (NSFW).

4. You may not post content for which you don't own the copyright without the approval of the person who does.

5. You may not post content which is political in nature or express political ideology or beliefs. This includes religious theology and beliefs.


1. Be respectful of others. Please take a few minutes to think about how your message might sound before hitting the submit button;

2. Write in complete sentences with punctuation and reasonably good spelling. Gibberish will likely be removed. If you have trouble with English, please do your best, or post in your native language;

3. Make your topic titles informative. People aren't going to read it if they don't know what it is. It also helps the search engines find your topic;

4. Don't post blind links. Nobody is going to or should follow a blind link to somewhere. At least offer some summary of what lies beyond. Blind links are phishing and will be removed. A blind link is a post with no real content other than a hyperlink.

5. Your posts will probably stay around for years. Please think about how a search engine might find and index them. That means please use good full keywords (rather than abbreviations) which can be properly indexed.

6. Please respect and follow the direction of the moderators. They are unpaid volunteers and don't need attitude.

Thank you and enjoy the community!
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