About Autocross

Autocross, also known as autoslalom or solo, is an inexpensive form of motorsport competition that uses traffic cones in a paved lot to produce a small road course for competitive events. Participants compete to see who can make it through the course the quickest and without dislocating cones or going off course. Two seconds are added to the driver’s time with each cone violation. Leaving the defined course path results in a disqualification of your time for that run.

Autocross is considered one of the safest forms of motorsport because competitors are racing against the clock rather than against other cars. Vehicles are launched once the previous competitor has completed the course or at sufficient intervals that no interaction will occur. Autocross events test driver skill and car handling rather than all out speed and aggression.

Autocross events may not achieve the breakneck speeds of road races, but it’s one of the most challenging and intense forms of motorsport in which you can participate. With low barriers to entry, almost anyone with a valid driver’s license, a car and the desire for motorsport competition can join the fun.

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